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My professional marketing services include (Alphabetically):

Marketing Services New Jersey, NJAdvertising and Marketing Strategy and Development

Are you are currently in business and have a marketing plan but are not seeing the profits you dreamed of? Then it’s time to throw that ineffective plan in the garbage and start again. You need a plan of strategic attack that includes all of the newest marketing and advertising tactics that are designed to lure customers away from your competition. This would include fresh advertising creation, effective revenue generating Pay Per Click and Banner ad marketing, outstanding public relations, social media marketing and more. It would involve both digital and traditional advertising. Don’t waste your time doing it slowly. Let’s get it done, NOW together. Each individual industry and company is different so contact me to go over your unique situation. From start up’s to existing businesses, no matter which you are you need a strategic marketing plan designed to increase your revenue.

Branding and Design

Having a cohesive look to your company gets you closer to success. Your brand MUST stand you far and away from the competition while being memorable to the consumer. Are you still using that logo you designed in a hurry ten years ago? Not being memorable is hurting your business. My company Web Alliance International Agency performs these services. We can create your company brand, website, marketing materials (brochures, business cards, etc.) to all have a cohesive look and feel that you can be proud of and that sets you far apart from your competition. Click here to visit Web Alliance International Agency.

Done For You Marketing Services

It all starts with a free, confidential discovery meeting, either in person, via Skype or Phone. In discovery, we will go over your unique situation and make sure we can solve your most important issues. Then we decide on a plan of action and send you a proposal, which will include the strategy and investment required for us to implement the solutions for you. This is a turnkey solution. You give us the approval and we implement. Since you know the investment there are NO surprises. We track all efforts and will provide you with a monthly update.

Growth Hacking

Tired of not being able to take a paycheck? Trying to figure out what is holding up sales? Can’t figure out why you not getting the leads you need to make more profits? Having trouble getting employees to implement your rules? You need an experienced Growth Hacker. A Growth Hacker is someone who identifies problems with your company’s sales, marketing or business practices and offers fixes for that specific problem. It’s usually done one problem at a time. Then we design and implement strategies that will help them obtain their goals.

Marketing Consulting and Coaching

You need someone who has the experience to tell you exactly what to do. If you are not making the profits you want, then swallow your pride and admit you need help. What are you waiting for? Let’s review your current marketing plan and come up with ways to improve it. You might have a new product or service you want to launch and need marketing counsel as to how to attract the right customer and male more sales. The options are vast as each individual company has different issues. I can also be engaged on a monthly retainer to keep you on track with any plans we develop.

Sales Training

Do you have a sales force or are you performing all the tasks of a salesperson? If you or your sales team has never been trained properly then you are losing out on many sales. Even a simple tweak to your sales pitch and process can increase your revenue. Nobody is a born salesperson they are made.

Seminar and Keynote Speaker

Tired of boring speeches at your events? Not to pat myself on the back but I have been told by many peers and audience attendees that my speeches are energizing, informative and motivating. I have been a professional speaker and workshop trainer for over 18 years. If you want your next event to be more successful, you need me to speak at your next event. Contact me by calling 732-818-0080 x 102 or use my contact form. I can speak on a variety of subjects including marketing (traditional, digital and social media), sales, motivation, etc.

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