It’s not my problem.

//It’s not my problem.

It’s not my problem.

The other day I was in a store and I heard an employee utter the words. “It’s not my problem”. Those words can kill a business. In fact, if you find your employees using these words it must be addressed quickly. You should invoke a policy within your company that if another employee hears someone uttering those words they should treat it like a bomb threat and report it immediately to a supervisor. Make sure such a policy is legal in your state first.

That short phrase not only shows disinterest in your company but also it show lack of customer service and customer retention skills. Keep this in mind. EVERYONE EMPLOYED BY THE COMPANY IS IN SALES AND CUSTOMER SERVICE. If a staff member cannot get on board with this, they must be removed from the company. They are a virus that will spread quickly and take your company down. Their attitude will spread to other employees. Owners are not immune to this. I have heard owners and managers say it in front of employees. This is terrible since an employee will think it’s ok if top management says it.

Your spending money on marketing and advertising to drive customers to the company and money is wasted when the employees that the customers are first exposed to have a bad attitude. That customer might buy once but if they had a bad experience, they will not come back and they will absolutely not refer your company to others. Therefore, your marketing dollars were wasted.

It’s hard to determine an employee’s attitude towards the company by asking them specifically however, one way is to actually ask the customers what they want from your company and how was their experience with the company. Before doing so you need to establish a way to assign an employee to that exact customers experience and make the employees aware that the customers has a way of expressing themselves that might be a problem for them if they are exposing that customer to a poor experience.

Want to learn how to integrate your marketing so you can identify a virus in your business? Give me a call.

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