Here’s why your marketing is NOT working.

//Here’s why your marketing is NOT working.

Here’s why your marketing is NOT working.

So you start a business and you now need to get the word out. You search the web for marketing ideas and people you could follow that could help you on your quest for the hidden marketing Holy Grail that will have customers beating down your door. You try all the do-it-yourself marketing and nothing seems to work like described.

What are you doing wrong? Why isn’t anything working?  Why are you spending all this time and money and not getting a return on investment?

Reasons your efforts are not fruitful.

  • You were suckered into a marketing program that has no relevance in your industry.
  • You missed a “secret step” that you had to pay extra money to get.
  • You are trying to be a marketer but don’t have the time needed to make it successful BECAUSE YOU ARE RUNNING YOUR BUSINESS.
  • You don’t want to spend the money to do it right.
  • You just did not do it right.

But if you noticed it’s because of YOU.

One-shot marketing success is rare. VERY rare.  VERY, VERY rare!

Marketing needs to be thought out. You need to strategize different scenarios, then execute, test then execute again.  You also need enough money to be in it for the long term. Depending on the medium, at least 6 months or more.  Frequency is a must in marketing since most people will not be ready to buy from you at first exposure or second or third.  AMATEURS try “easy fix” marketing.

So is all lost?

No! If you strategize and allow a professional (yes, like me) to create and implement your campaigns you will be fine. HOWEVER, you must understand you will probably NOT succeed the first time. There will be an investment necessary.

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