Using a Specific Content Marketing Video to Gather Qualified Sales Leads

//Using a Specific Content Marketing Video to Gather Qualified Sales Leads

Using a Specific Content Marketing Video to Gather Qualified Sales Leads

Using video for business is nothing new. YouTube, Vimeo and other video websites allow you to upload your video content and share it with the world. This is great however; wouldn’t it be better for your business to actually capture the information of the interested viewers so you can later market your business to them? Of course, it would!

You do not need a degree in video production to do this. You only need a simple hyper-specific video created with your Smartphone, PowerPoint or Webcam, that solves ONE problem your potential customers are experiencing.

Here is how it works.

Determine why most of your current customers decided to do business with you. Then use this as the OVERALL subject of your video. Note: You really need to find the main problem your customer did business with you to solve. Something they need to solve NOW! How will your product or service eliminate that problem easily? Let’s say you found that many of your customers came to you to get rid of ground hogs without killing them.

You then create an educational video that explains how to get rid of Ground hogs without killing them. You could include three ways to do the job themselves. They should be the way you do it in your business. BUT the viewer must be able to take your instruction and do it themselves or be fully educated as to why someone like you is needed. EVEN IF THEY DECIDE TO DO IT WITH SOMEONE ELSE! This video lives on your website. It is funneled through from YouTube.

Once the video is created, you will decide when it’s time to have your contact information and form appear. If your video is 4 minutes at 3:50, your contact form and phone number should appear. If they want more information, they can contact you.

If they want to view a specific content video, they are interested in what you are selling!

Now since this video training lives on your website you need to set up your email collection. Most of the email marketing companies give you the ability to create a small email and name form that goes on your website. Then when the visitor puts in their name and email, they are taken directly to the video page described above. They are then placed into your email list. The email list should have autoresponders in place that go out automatically to keep in touch with them. Each autoresponder should be educational with a slight sales pitch.

Now once that is all done you need to set up your marketing campaign. This is business and you must market everything you do. You could start with a simple Facebook promoted post to see the activity. I would go for is as you put some time into this and you should give it the best shot possible. Remember this will get qualified leads into your sales pipeline.

So in recap:

Find the pain point your customers need to relieve.
Create an educational video where they can learn how to relieve the pain themselves.
Set up an email and name capture that they must use to see the video.
Market the video on Facebook, Pay Per Click, Other websites, etc. to drive qualified traffic to the sign up page.

If you need help setting this up just contact me.

Do you want to see it in action?  This is one I did without the email sign up form. Click here to check it out.

Good Luck!

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