Marketing to the Bride to be.

//Marketing to the Bride to be.

Marketing to the Bride to be.

If you are in business today you should always be looking out for new ways to attract lifelong customers. This is obvious however an overlooked technique by small business owners is to get people into your sales funnel right before they are married. Think about it. Besides the obvious things a newly engaged couple will need to purchase for their wedding they will also need other items. A place to live, appliances, insurance, retirement accounts, local restaurant information, furniture, linens and towels, mattresses, etc. The list goes on and on.

There are many engagement lists you can acquire. You should use these lists to send them educational information related to your products or services. You should not necessarily bombard them with sales and offers. It should be a subtle sale as many brides to be will be overwhelmed with getting their special day perfect and a sale on a refrigerator might not be at the top of their list.

Now if the bride or groom is still living home and you have acquired their address you could market to the Mothers and Fathers. (This will be harder to determine but well worth the research.) After all they will need to buy them things to get them started in their new life.

You should always be thinking of ways to get your message in front of the newly engaged/married.

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