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Automatic Email Marketing

You don’t have to take my word for it look around the web. You will see that everyone agrees that your email list is critical to building your business. However, you should only build your list with qualified prospects. You don’t want anyone on your list that does not want or need what you’re selling.
A great way to build your list of qualified people is to give your potential customers something of value in exchange for their email addresses. This is best accomplished by using a service to collect and distribute the emails. One email blast at a time is fine and better than nothing but its best to place potential customers on an autoresponder list.

There are many companies that sell automatic email marketing systems. The price ranges dramatically from free to thousands of dollars a month. Each service has many features and it’s up to you to make sure […]

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Your website is important. Don’t neglect it!

Many start ups are creating website by using free website builders and they are forgetting it’s not just about the look of the website. Many more elements are required. So if you are going to try it yourself you might want to watch this video first.

As always your comments are welcome and appreciated.

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How to create great offers.

Limited offerIn all your marketing, no matter what it is—ads, brochures, sell sheets, websites, whatever that first touch is, you should make your offer as fantastic as possible. You need to put together an offer that might not make any money on the first sale. Offer things like a “100 percent money back, no questions asked” guarantee, and take the risk out of doing business with you. In addition, this helps to gain the trust of the client, and it takes away all of the client’s objections to doing business with you if he or she is on the fence. Very few people will actually take you up on the offer of the return or their money back. But you need to do it.

Think about this logically for a second. I know offering a 100% Money Back Guarantee is a big […]

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Marketing Hacks 57 Do-It-Yourself Tactics To Find Qualified Customers And Make More Sales!

Marketing HacksTurbocharge your marketing and attract a flood of interested, qualified customers.
Imagine adding easy to implement tactics that will allow you to attract the “right” customers.

In this book you will learn 57 do-it-yourself tactics that can be implemented immediately into any marketing strategy.

It will help you find customers, sell to them and keep them in your marketing system so you can sell more to them more often.

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How to decide if you should advertise in a certain medium?

The answer is if you cannot test it, or research it, then you should not buy it.

This article will help you when buying advertising for the first time OR renewing your current advertising.

Many business owners throw money at advertising and use the “wait and see” strategy. This is the most expensive way to advertise. A bigger problem is that the advertising might be working but since you have not put a way to measure the results you don’t know if it worked when it actually did so you pull it and wonder what happened to the customers.

When you are approached by an advertising salesperson make sure you decide based on numbers and facts not on your emotions.

Ask these basic questions BEFORE YOU COMMIT TO A CONTRACT (make sure your lawyer reviews it):

What are the exact demographics of the people viewing the advertising?
This is why it is extremely important to know […]

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