This Content Brought To You By…

//This Content Brought To You By…

This Content Brought To You By…

Do you ever hear sponsorship tag lines for programs or other announcements? They usually say Brought to you by… or Sponsored by…. This is common in the media. However, did you ever think you could do this for your company content in your emails?

Many companies know they should keep in touch with their customers on a regular basis via email but they just don’t know what to send them so they don’t send anything. That is a big problem. Finding good content is especially problematic in industries were not much happens on a regular basis and if it does some of the information does not relate to the end client or customer or it’s too dry or academic.

So what do you do?

It’s a simple solution. Since you are sending emails to humans, why don’t you see what other things customers that purchase your type of products or services also like. Do they like recipes? Do it yourself article for home improvement? Do they have a hobby?

Did you know that you could have multiple types of generalized content going to your customers? There are many sources of content available you just need to narrow down what you want to send. You do this by finding about 5 sources or generalized, but high value, content. Then you have two main options. You can send your customers an email asking their interests. ALTERNATIVELY, you could simply produce this content on a section of your website. Then you can link to it in your email and they can choose what to read.

PLEASE NOTE: If the content does not relate to what you are promoting on your website make absolute sure that you exclude it from the search engines.

If you are sending the content directly to your customers via email then you want to make sure you notify them that the content is Brought to you by (Insert your company name).  You should also include a link to your website where there is a special offer.

If you choose to let them read it on your website then make sure they go to a special content section void of all of your offers. Just give them the content. At the end of the content, it is acceptable to offer them something. Do not over promote when you send free content.

Now you have no excuse to send email to your customers on a regular basis.

As always, your comments are welcomed and appreciated.

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